South Carolina Pole & Piling

South Carolina Pole & Piling

Say something interesting about your business here. South Carolina Pole and Piling is a sustainable, efficient supplier of quality green or kiln dried, untreated, finished poles and piling to the wood treating industry. Our experienced company provides a high end market for forest landowners and timber suppliers in our area while providing benefits to the community and viability to the forest industry in South Carolina. Our avid commitment to excellence provides a level of security that is rare in today's marketplace.

"We spend considerable time and effort in selecting the right trees for our customers and specialize in producing hard-to-find sizes. We believe that because quality and size are grown and not manufactured in pole and piling production, our mission at SC Pole and Piling is to put ‘expertise in the woods’. All of our material is also inspected after milling and again before shipping to ensure superior quality control and is completely renewable, energy-saving and recyclable."